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Healthy Living & Mental Health

Have you HAD ENUF of COVID-19?

Let’s look at each of these challenges and see what we all can do to decrease the effects of these stressors during this chaotic time. For people who easily feel the pain and strife of others, the stress of life during Covid-19 can cause many issues.

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Finding Calm During a Pandemic

At KWC, we are here for you, which is why we offer online coaching so you can focus on your mental health and well-being in the comfort of your home. Why is coaching crucial to your wellness journey? 

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KWC Infectious Disease Risk Management Plan

Due to the recent COVID 19 pandemic, we are developing our Infectious Disease Risk Management Plan. This is to ensure the safety of our employees, patients, and our families. KWC will be following the guidelines outlined by the Center for Disease Control.

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