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Finding Calm During a Pandemic

We know that uncertain times can lead to increased anxiety. We understand and know that many of you are at home due to the recent Covid-19 events. At KWC, we are here for you, which is why we offer online coaching so you can focus on your mental health and well-being in the comfort of your home. Why is coaching crucial to your wellness journey? 

With the help of a KWC coach, here are some of our favorite tips on finding calm during a pandemic.


Even if you are afraid to leave home, it is important to stay on top of all the progress you’ve made. You will feel a sense of relief and empowerment by staying on track and writing down your goals with a coach.


Monthly support from a coach will give you the tools to help relieve your worries of anxiety and fear.  Enjoying online support in the comfort of your home will also ensure a safe practice of social distancing. 

Letting Go

Releasing your thoughts in a judgement free environment is one of the best ways to let go of unwanted thoughts. Engaging with a coach and opening up about your thoughts can help resolve any issues or private circumstances that you may be going through.


Coaching in combination with your ketamine therapy treatments may help you achieve a balanced lifestyle. Additional activities that you can add with coaching and ketamine therapy may include self-massages and meditation. Relaxing your body and mind is a major component to achieving optimal wellness. Also, being present in the moment will also help you feel more empowered and strong.  

If you’re seeking a coach, read about our Facilitated Treatment Support Program with our Health and Wellness Coordinator, Harmony Green. Request more information by filling out the form and requesting a free consultation.

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Kellee is the Office Administrator at KWC Washington

Finding Calm During a Pandemic