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Playlist for Ketamine

Choosing the Perfect Playlist for Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Music is a powerful tool: it’s been shown to reduce stress hormone levels, regulate blood pressure, and even enhance treatment outcomes for mood disorders. When it comes to ketamine therapy, music can play an important role in the experience we have. 

While ketamine infusion is a safe and effective treatment, it can be somewhat intimidating for those who have never undergone a similar procedure before. The right soundtrack can be the key to easing your mind, letting go of anxiety and stress, and making the most out of your ketamine session. 

Making Your Own Playlist

Having your favorite music at hand can help make your ketamine treatment more comfortable and cathartic. When creating your playlist, consider the following:

  • Tempo: Slow, mellow songs with a slower tempo can help to relax the mind and body.
  • Lyrics: Avoid songs with lyrics that may be distracting or trigger negative emotions.
  • Experiment with different genres. Some people find that classical music is calming, while others prefer the soothing sounds of nature. Try out different genres of music to see what works best for you.
  • Some people prefer more ambient sounds, like ocean waves or birds chirping.

Everyone’s preferences are different, so be sure to select songs that you personally find relaxing. You might want to save several playlists with different moods and energy in case you find yourself wanting a change of pace during your treatment. 

Playlists for Ketamine Therapy: Our Top Picks

Sometimes, a truly transformative experience is best supported by a soundtrack that is totally new to you. Luckily, there are countless researchers, therapists, and patients who have tailored recommendations based on their own experiences. In case you’re not sure what to listen to, we’ve hand-picked these playlists that were specifically created to enhance psychedelic therapy. 

For deep reflection: Johns Hopkins Playlist 

Listen on:

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University assembled this playlist after decades of observing the effects of music on psychedelic experiences. Opening with a selection of soothing violin and classical guitar, this playlist carefully ventures into modern and multicultural tracks without losing its calm, predictable, and steady pace. Thought-provoking instrumentals encourage deep reflection, while familiar tracks like “Here Comes the Sun” close out the playlist to help you end your infusion feeling hopeful, refreshed, and at peace.

Our favorite track: Caminando Por La Calle

Emotions: Reflective, calming, explorative, looking inward, emotional release 

For anxiety: Imperial College London Playlist 

Listen On:

Originally curated for patients undergoing psilocybin therapy for depression, this playlist from Imperial College London is ideal for slowing down the mind and easing racing thoughts. During your ketamine infusion, these soft, gentle instrumentals can be paired with soothing nature scenes to help you fully relax into the experience. If you enjoy this playlist, Part 2 is also available on Spotify.

Our Favorite Track: Dinner and the Ship of Dreams

Emotions: Relief, closure, catharsis, beauty

For depression and emotional connection: Psychedelic Therapy: Heart Opening 

Listen On:

Curated by psychedelic therapist Tracy Carver, this playlist strikes the perfect balance between thought-provoking ambience and upbeat instrumentals to keep you grounded. A selection of light, cheerful instruments like steel drums and harps sets the stage for joy and illumination before transitioning into slower and more abstract songs for thoughtful reflection. This playlist is perfect for delving into your ketamine experience and exploring your inner emotional world. 

Our Favorite Track: Toad Lick 

Emotions: Joy, nostalgia, peace, hope, acceptance

For first-timers: KWC Watch + Listen

KWC has specifically created this playlist for ketamine infusion patients. Its upbeat, light mood and peaceful nature imagery make it perfect for a ketamine beginner, especially if you’re nervous about receiving your first infusion. 

Emotions: Serene, carefree, at peace, letting go

Healing With Music and Ketamine

When we try something for the first time—especially something as meaningful and potentially intense as ketamine therapy—music can be crucial to creating a soothing, transformative healing experience. During your infusion at KWC, you’ll have access to a SmartTV with YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming services to select music and nature scenes of your choice. 

Ketamine therapy can be an enjoyable, relaxing, and even mind-opening experience. But as with any new experience, your surroundings can make all the difference between a good experience and a life-changing one. 

Playlist for Ketamine

Choosing the Perfect Playlist for Ketamine Infusion Therapy