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Ketamine Specialists — Physicians, Psychologists, and Clinicians

We are one of the very few ketamine clinics that utilize the expertise and experience of in-house mental health professionals, from the patient screening process all the way through to post-treatment support. Combining the guidance of mental health professionals with our medical expertise allows us to best determine the most tailored clinical treatment plan for each patient, all led by Medical Director and Anesthesiologist, Mark Murphy, MD, and Chief Psychologist, Dr. Ellen Diamond.

Mark Murphy, MD, Kevin Nicholson, CEO, Julie Nicolson, CSO, Dr. Ellen R. Diamond, Ph.D

Clinically Proven and Research-Backed Protocols

We have carefully developed two distinct treatment protocols. Our mental health protocol is designed specifically to combat the serious effects that depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and suicidal ideation have on the brain. Our chronic pain protocol is designed to provide long-lasting relief for those suffering from chronic pain such as neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. From these protocols, patients can experience significant changes in their need for antidepressant, mood disorder, and opiate prescriptions.

An Exceptional Patient Experience
Joshua Dial Treatment

One on One

An unfortunate reality is that it is easier for some ketamine clinics to lead a patient to their treatment room, start their IV, and then monitor patients remotely. At KWC, under no circumstances will we ever leave a patient in a treatment room unattended. Expert Ketamine Therapy means total focus on your needs and comfort. A successful treatment experience starts with attentive and compassionate care from a skilled clinician who works with you throughout your infusion.

Comfortable, Private Treatment Rooms

We go to every effort to ensure that our treatment rooms are private and peaceful. Each room features comfortable seating and reclining along with plenty of smart TV media options (Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, etc). Your comfort, safety, and privacy are our foremost priority. Let us focus on you so that you can focus on your thoughts and emotions during the infusion.

Innovation in Ketamine Therapy & Support

We are more than just ketamine

We recognize that while ketamine infusions alone can significantly reduce the effects of mental health and chronic pain conditions, additional support may be necessary to allow patients to dial in their recovery. This is why we make supplementary services available to assist patients in their journey. As you embark on your therapeutic path, overall wellness becomes a critical component to sustained, long-term healing. Whether it’s offering individual coaching, patient support groups, or other resources, we are committed to responding to the needs of our patients.

Patients Who Inspire

The KWCKetamine Advocates Program supports patients who inspire others with their stories and have the courage to share their personal struggles and successes. Our patients are inspiring artists, leaders, and doers across the country. Through this program, Ketamine Wellness Centers gives you a platform to be seen and heard within a community of like-minded people, who understand your journey. It could be a blog, podcast, or song, we want you to share your story and talents with us! Our Ketamine Advocates Program exists to bring people together and help make a difference not only for patients and families and to encourage individuals who are seeking treatment.


Patients who inspire

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