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Patient Support

While ketamine infusions alone can significantly help people suffering from symptoms of depression and chronic pain, additional support can be an essential component of a successful recovery. This is why we are constantly creating additional avenues of support and resources which can help patients thrive on their journey toward comprehensive wellness. While every patient is unique in their needs, we have carved out some excellent supplementary services that utilize many of our internal resources throughout our organization. This multi-disciplinary approach allows our patients to have a full team of professionals working with them on a truly holistic treatment plan.

Facilitated Treatment Support

As you embark on your therapeutic path, overall wellness becomes a critical component to sustained, long-term healing. While ketamine therapy can make a big difference in combating the symptoms of your condition, there is a bigger picture that requires realization and actualization. This is where our Health & Wellness Coordinator can assist you in making conscious efforts to build essential healthy habits for your continued progress and healing.

Integrative Therapist Directory

For many patients of ketamine therapy, reflecting on treatment is a key part of moving forward. Our Integrative Therapist Directory is made up of qualified professionals who can help bridge the gap between the initial benefits of ketamine therapy and sustained, long-term improvements to your well-being.

Family Support & Education

Family Support and Education

KWC’s Family Support and Education is a unique complimentary program specifically designed by experts for families, significant others, and all those wanting to offer ideal support to someone who has chosen ketamine infusion treatments.

Facebook Patient Support Group

Part of our mission is to give patients the building blocks to facilitate a compassionate community across the KWC network. This is why we created a Patient Support Group, available as a private group on Facebook and comprised of KWC clinical staff, patients, and their family members. The group engages in lively conversations that run the gamut from sharing advice about what helps them in & out of the treatment room to sharing their stories to getting to know one another.

Referral Program

Refer someone you know who could benefit from ketamine infusion therapy. Not only will you be helping a loved one, but if they become a patient, you’ll earn $100 off your next maintenance treatment.

Hero Discount

To show our appreciation for active and retired Military and First Responders, we offer a significant discount on all ketamine infusion treatments at every one of our clinic locations.