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Cost of Ketamine Infusion Treatments

The total cost for a course of ketamine therapy will vary based on insurance coverage and your individual treatment plan. This guide is an estimate of approximate treatment costs before insurance reimbursements or other discounts.

Pre-Treatment Screening


As a safety measure, all KWC patients must undergo medical and psychological screening prior to receiving ketamine therapy. This screening includes a psychological assessment, a psychological interview with a counselor, and a medical history review with one of our clinicians.

Ketamine Infusion

Mental Health Treatment: $449 per infusion

Pain Treatment: $899 per infusion


In addition to the ketamine infusion, these treatment costs include:

    • A private room with a recliner and smart TV for music and movies
    • An RN or Paramedic in the room with you at all times to monitor your vital signs and ensure your comfort
    • Any supplemental medications you may need during the treatment

Total Cost of Stabilization

Mental Health Treatment: $1921 – $2819 for 4 or 6 infusions

Pain Treatment: $2822 – $4620 for 3 or 5 infusions


Initial ketamine infusions, which are generally condensed into a single week, are known as stabilization treatments. Treatment plans are tailored to the specific needs of each patient, which means that the number of stabilization treatments will vary.

Ketamine infusions taking place after the stabilization period are known as maintenance treatments. The KWC clinical staff will evaluate your progress closely after the stabilization period. The maintenance protocol varies based on the patient’s needs with the goal of progressing into longer intervals between treatments.

Read more about our Pain Treatment Protocol and Mental Health Treatment Protocol.

Understanding Ketamine Pricing

Hero Discount

We proudly offer a special Hero Discount for military personnel and first responders at every one of our ketamine infusion treatment clinics, nationwide.


KWC has partnered with a very flexible third-party financing company to help patients finance payment for their treatments. This partner is a budget-conscious loan processor that utilizes innovative technology design that allows them to process a diversity of credit levels and then connect you to the right partner lender.

Insurance Coverage

KWC is one of very few ketamine infusion clinics that accept insurance plans for mental health conditions, diagnosed pain conditions, and SPRAVATO® treatment. We have partnered with several major insurance carriers to provide coverage for our patients.

Chronic Pain Treatments: We are one of very few ketamine infusion treatment clinics that accepts select insurance plans for those patients who have a valid pain diagnosis. Reimbursement is dependent upon the type of medical insurance plan, in/out network stipulations, and the nature of the diagnosis. We employ a Billing Coordinator to assist all prospective and current patients with their insurance and reimbursement needs as it pertains to ketamine therapy for pain conditions.

Mental Health Treatments: Ketamine infusion therapy for depression is considered an “off-label” use. While this service is not typically covered by insurance companies, it is becoming more common for patients to receive full or partial reimbursement.

Internal Insurance Consulting: We are happy to provide a superbill to any of our patients who request one, so that they can submit a claim for reimbursement with their insurance provider.

Getting Well vs. Getting By

Prior to ketamine treatment, some patients may find themselves on a number of oral medications (such as antidepressants and opioids) that are ineffective and/or cause serious side effects. The price of these medications can also be very expensive. Where ketamine is effective, patients have been able to successfully wean themselves off some of those oral medications, allowing for relief from the original symptoms of their condition as well as the side effects of the medication. The KWC clinical staff would work with your prescriber to ensure this is done in a safe and effective manner.

Prioritizing You

For those suffering from depression, PTSD, and chronic pain conditions, the delaying of one’s healthcare is something we see all too often.

It’s usually done for completely understandable reasons: financial burden, bad timing, stigma, work obligations, family or social pressure. All of these reasons influence one’s decision to seek therapy and long-term relief.

Many of the conditions we treat here at Ketamine Wellness Centers are what we call “hidden afflictions” because they can be disguised, to some extent, to the outside world. The risk of not treating such conditions may be as serious and costly as other health issues such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, which we seek immediate treatment for. This is especially true of mental health conditions since symptoms may escalate to the level of self-harm.

For those suffering and seeking relief, it is critical to find the motivation to prioritize themselves. Take a brave step forward in confronting your condition. If you or a loved one have tried other treatment options and are still suffering then ketamine might be the right treatment option to provide long-term and substantive relief.

There is Hope. There is Help.