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SPRAVATO® at Ketamine Wellness Centers

Ketamine Wellness Centers is excited offer SPRAVATO® (esketamine) at select clinics (Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Seattle) for treatment-resistant depression in adults.

SPRAVATO® is the first FDA-approved nasal spray for adults who suffer from treatment-resistant depression or major depressive disorder (MDD) accompanied by suicidal thoughts or actions.

At this time, Ketamine Wellness Centers is offering this treatment for treatment-resistant* depression only.

*If you’ve tried two or more antidepressants as prescribed in your current episode without sufficient relief, talk to your healthcare provider to see if you may have treatment-resistant depression.

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How is SPRAVATO® Different?

SPRAVATO® (esketamine) and ketamine are chemically related—both can produce rapid, effective treatment results. However, esketamine is a different version of ketamine that can be administered intranasally (through the nose), while most ketamine treatments must be administered through IV or injections.

To increase the effectiveness of treatment, it is combined with an oral antidepressant. Unlike conventional antidepressants, you do not need to use SPRAVATO® every day.

This treatment combats depression by working through a different mechanism than conventional antidepressants. Esketamine targets structures in the brain called NMDA receptors. While the exact way this treatment works is not fully understood, we do know that blocking NMDA receptors in the brain increases levels of glutamate, the most abundant chemical messenger in the brain. This also activates AMPA receptors to release other molecules that help brain cells communicate with each other along new pathways.

Cost and Coverage

Some of the largest insurers in the U.S. have stepped up to include coverage for SPRAVATO® treatment. Patients must meet a number of pre-authorization criteria to demonstrate medical necessity for coverage. To be sure of meeting these criteria, Ketamine Wellness Centers requires that you have already been seen by your own psychiatrist.

The insurance experts at Ketamine Wellness Centers are here to help you navigate the complexities of health insurance so you can determine your coverage and potential out-of-pocket costs for treatment. Depending on how your insurance carrier covers treatment, the manufacturer (Janssen) has patient assistance plans that may be available to eligible patients.

For more information or help determining your eligibility, please email us at or call (855) KET-WELL.

Find out if SPRAVATO® is right for you

Why Isn’t SPRAVATO® Available at Any Doctor’s Office?

SPRAVATO® can only be administered at specially certified treatment centers like Ketamine Wellness Centers. Federal regulations require clinics to have specially trained staff to dispense and administer treatment. Staff at certified treatment centers will carefully monitor every patient during treatment and for at least two hours after every dose.

Your Ketamine Wellness Centers care team will continue to be involved with your care throughout treatment. Along with addressing your questions and concerns, your team at Ketamine Wellness centers will:

    • Conduct our own assessment to confirm if SPRAVATO® may be right for you
    • Verify your insurance information as part of the eligibility confirmation
    • Receive your medical information from your healthcare provider
    • If treatment is recommended, Ketamine Wellness Centers’ clinicians will build a treatment plan with you

How Often Will I Receive Treatment for Treatment-Resistant Depression?

Weeks 1–4: Twice weekly
Weeks 5–8: Once weekly
Weeks 9+: Once every week or two

You and your healthcare team will decide how long you stay on SPRAVATO® based on:

How you respond to it
How stable your response is
After eight weeks of treatment your healthcare team will determine the dosing frequency based on how you feel.

What Are the Possible Side Effects ?

SPRAVATO® may cause serious side effects.

For Important Safety Information please visit . For more information about this medication, please refer to the manufacturer’s Prescribing Information and Medication Guide or visit

Find out if SPRAVATO® is right for you