Meet The Ketamine Therapy Experts

Successful Ketamine Infusion Therapy is the careful blend of four things: treatment centers, specialists, experience, and expertise.

Meet The Founders

Dr. Mark Murphy, Board Certified Anesthesiologist

Dr. Mark Murphy, MD

Medical Director

With more than 20 years experience in private practice, as well as in the clinical applications of Ketamine, Dr. Mark Murphy MD, serves not only as medical director, but also as the primary physician responsible for your care at Ketamine Wellness Centers.
Dr. Ellen R. Diamond, PhD - Psychologist

Dr. Ellen R. Diamond, PhD

Chief Psychologist

Dr. Diamond earned her Ph.D in psychology from St John’s University, in New York. Over the years, she has immersed herself in her profession, gaining invaluable experience in serving those with mental health & recovery needs.
Julie Nicholson - Chief Strategy Officer

Julie Nicholson

Chief Strategy Officer

After being involved in multiple start-ups, Julie has utilized her entrepreneurial spirit as the creative force for KWC. Aside from administration and operational duties, Julie’s main role is in growth into other states.
Kevin Nicholson - Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Nicholson, MBA, BSN

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Ketamine Wellness Centers, Kevin brings with him over 20 years of combined experience, from management at the CEO level to working one on one with patients. His daily mission is to ensure the highest quality care.

Meet the Corporate Team

Richard Larson - Chief Financial Officer

Richard Larson

Chief Financial Officer

Richard has a proven ability in corporate strategic planning and implementing aggressive initiatives in the healthcare industry. His strengths lie in healthcare, the service industry, distribution and retail environments.
Christine Ryan - Chief Clinical Officer

Christine Ryan

Chief Clinical Officer

Christine started her nursing career working with Alzheimer’s patients and managing a Memory care unit. Later, she transitioned into pediatrics earning a Master of Science in Nursing and a Family Nurse Practitioner degree at Walden University.
Magda Villegas, MSN NP-C Clinical Administrator, Tucson

Magda Villegas, MSN NP-C

Clinical Educator

As a Family Nurse Practitioner Magda has extensive medical and patient care experience including work in behavioral health and Adult ICU. Magda’s experience is that kindness and compassion always produce the very best outcomes for her patients.
Anita Jerger - Executive Assistant

Anita Jerger

Executive Assistant

Anita enjoys working with others in a support capacity where she can use her organizational and communication skills to produce results. Much of her experience is in the health care and insurance fields.
Monica Martin

Monica Martin

Insurance Billing Manager

As a certified biller and coder through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), Monica is excited to bring her knowledge to the Ketamine Wellness Centers team.
Denise Lewis - Staff Accountant

Denise Lewis

Staff Accountant

With more than ten years experience helping clients in the accounting field, Denise is skilled in financial management and analyzing accounts.
John Freeman - Marketing Director

John Freeman

Marketing Director

John feels privileged to enjoy a career that contributes to the care and wellbeing of patients and their families. KWC was a natural next step with its outstanding focus on patient care.
Ariana Cervantes - Marketing Coordinator

Ariana Cervantes

Brand Development Manager

KWC’s mission, vision, and core values align with Ariana’s personal beliefs in using her talents to raise awareness about mental health issues, destigmatize effective alternatives to outmoded treatments, and restore quality of life to those suffering from difficult to treat conditions.
Sonia Cardenas

Sonia Cardenas

Health and Wellness Coordinator

Her experience, expertise, and passion for a personalized holistic approach to wellness make truly sustainable differences in patients’ lives.

Frank Convertino

IT Support Specialist

Exceptional healthcare does not depend on clinicians alone and Frank brings the wealth of knowledge, education, and experience demanded by today’s rapidly changing and technology-focused healthcare landscape.
Jamie Swaim

Jamie Swaim

Accounts Payable Clerk

Jamie Swaim is an Accounts Payable Clerk who brings over 25 years of experience to the KWC Accounting Department.

Marianne Sarette

Insurance Representative

Marianne Sarette is an Insurance Representative who works with insurance carriers to verify patient eligibility and process claims.

Nina Ramirez

Medical Evaluation Coordinator

Nina is a National Certified Medical Assistant, born and raised in Arizona.

Rich Rodriguez

Director of Communications

Rich believes it’s important to create awareness of KWC and the benefits of ketamine therapy so we can help more people get their best selves back.

Mallorie Muller

Chief Operating Officer

With a background in healthcare and clinic ownership, Mallorie is thrilled to join the KWC team as the COO, bringing her passion for operations and patient care full circle.

Christopher Broom

Social Media Expert

Christopher brings a wealth of knowledge to the team including media engagement, the fostering of community through active social media management, and transparent communication.
Kelli Jackson

Kelli Jackson

Insurance Representative

As an Insurance Representative for KWC, Kelli helps bring peace of mind to patients as they go through the insurance claims process.
William Sharpe

William Sharpe

Director of Development

My vision when I joined KWC’s amazing team was to be that voice that can cut through all the noise and help our patients achieve what they’ve once deemed impossible.

Jessica Cupp

Financial Controller

Jessica Cupp is a Financial Controller at Ketamine Wellness Centers, who works cross-departmentally to ensure proper accounting for KWC’s network of nationwide clinics.

Shannon Westfall

Insurance Specialist

Shannon believes everyone deserves a chance to enhance their quality of life.


Insurance Representative

Ryan is an Insurance Representative who holds a certificate in Medical Billing and Coding.

Jess Aumick

Digital Marketing Manager

Jess is excited to foster compassionate, evidence-based conversations around mental healthcare.

Meet the Clinical Administrators


Clinical Administrator, Houston, TX

Charisma (Chrissy) is the Clinical Administrator at our Houston, Texas location. With over seven years of experience working in healthcare, she strongly believes that patient-centered, quality care combined with a holistic approach enhances her patient’s experience and results in the best patient outcome.


Nurse Administrator, Gilbert/Mesa, AZ

Linda worked as an ICU/ER nurse for 10 years prior to coming to Ketamine Wellness Centers. She is trained in critical care management, advanced cardiac life support, pediatric life support, and trauma nursing. Linda believes ketamine therapy provides a way for patients to experience life again.

Calena Goins MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Clinical Administrator, Chicago/Naperville, IL

Calena is an advocate for holistic nursing care. She believes it is essential to take care of the patient as a whole including their physical, mental, emotional, social, & spiritual needs.
Amber - CA Reno


Clinical Administrator, Reno, NV

Amber believes that by creating a trusting relationship and a healing environment, each patient interaction will be individualized and her patients will be seen as a whole person and not just their past or present disease or disorder.
Kemi Adekunle Jacksonville Clinic

Kemi Adekunle, FNP-BC

Clinical Administrator, Jacksonville, FL

As the Clinical Administrator in Jacksonville, Kemi works with the great staff at this location to achieve the organization’s mission. In turn, she shares her expertise as a Nurse practitioner with the staff to deliver excellent healthcare and amazing customer service to our patients.

Shannon Brightman, RN

Clinical Administrator, Tucson, AZ

Shannon believes compassion, care, and hope are the values that make KWC such a special place.

Andi Yazzie, PA-C

Clinical Administrator, Seattle/Federal Way, WA

Andi believes in the importance of mental wellness and that it is equally important and connected to physical health.

Belinda Brokke, ACNP-BC

Clinical Administrator, Salt Lake City, UT

Belinda is excited to be a part of the KWC family and to be able to offer Ketamine infusion therapy to her patients that struggle to find relief from other treatment options.

Miteku Desalgne MSN APRN FNP-BC

Clinical Administrator, Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

As the Clinical Administrator of KWC Minnesota, he is proud to provide compassionate, individualized care to each of our patients.
Keith Rummel, APRN, FNP-BC Clinical Administrator, Dallas-Fort Worth

Keith Rummel, APRN, FNP-BC

Clinical Administrator, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Keith was born in San Antonio, Texas and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Texas Health Science Center.

Meet the Patient Liaisons

Annaly Phanhnolath

Patient Liaison

She enjoys being a source of support and assistance for those in need and strives to make life’s challenges easier to manage.
Paige Hayes - Patient Liaison

Paige Hayes

Patient Liaison

Paige believes everyone can live a fulfilling and wonderful life regardless of the obstacles they may have been given.
Chera Young Patient Liaison

Chera Young

Patient Liaison

Chera is likely to be the first voice you hear when somebody calls our Mesa, Arizona headquarters, as she devotes herself to helping others overcome debilitating conditions that may be treated through our clinical program.

Meet the Office Administrators

Lexi Garcia Phoenix Clinic

Lexi Garcia

Office Administrator, Phoenix, AZ

Lexi is passionate about patient care and approaches each situation with compassion, empathy, and kindness.

Brianna Bruciaga

Office Administrator, Reno, NV

Brianna believes that everyone deserves the opportunity and resources to achieve their goals in regards to treatment and recovery.
Tondrea Harper

Tondrea Harper

Office Administrator, Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

Tondrea is passionate about healthcare, she enjoys helping others and takes pride in providing quality patient care.
Jennifer Hunter - Office Administrator, Chicago

Jennifer Hunter

Office Administrator, Chicago/Naperville, IL

As an office administrator with Ketamine Wellness Centers, Jennifer hopes to make an impact in each patient’s care and wellness.
Bryan Calvert - Office Administrator, Houston

Bryan Calvert

Office Administrator, Houston, TX

Bryan’s time and experiences in the military have given him insight into the mental and physical ailments that veterans and first responders must deal with.
Andrew Bodnarchuk - Office Administrator, Dallas-Fort Worth

Andrew Bodnarchuk

Office Administrator, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Andrew is a Texas native, born and raised in Dallas. He graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys helping others.
Brenda Popejoy - Office Administrator, Denver

Brenda Popejoy

Office Administrator, Denver, CO

Brenda was born and raised in Colorado. As a native she attended and graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Marketing. During her time at the University of Denver, Brenda was actively involved in the University’s Wellness Living and Learning Community.
Alexia Ferranti - Office Administrator, Tucson

Alexia Ferranti

Office Administrator, Tucson, AZ

Alexia is a lifelong Arizona native, born in Phoenix and raised in Tucson. She has spent years in the customer service industry, most recently working with schools and students in the school picture industry as the Operations Supervisor for Southern Arizona.
Justine Pesko

Justine Pesko

Office Administrator, Gilbert/Mesa, AZ

From your first warm welcome to our Ketamine Wellness Centers your experienced Office Administrator is here to personally ensure a great experience for you.

Meet the KWC Pups


Support Dog

Sadie is a loving and friendly Chocolate Lab. Born at Christmas time, Sadie enjoys the outdoors and connecting with people. Her favorite pastimes include eating food, playing fetch, and meeting new people.


Support Dog

When he’s not laying on his favorite blanket, you can find Owen at the front desk with his favorite support pal Sadie.


Therapy Dog

Turbo has transitioned from Hollywood studio dog to helping humans, as a certified and trained therapy dog, by the requirements set by both the Alliance of Therapy Dogs as well as The American Kennel Club.