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Kemi Adekunle Jacksonville Clinic

Kemi Adekunle, FNP-BC

Clinical Administrator, Jacksonville, FL

Kemi attended her undergraduate program at the University of Maryland with a major in Computer Information Systems and minored in Healthcare Administration. Upon graduation in 2004, she started working with various healthcare facilities as Program Director and ensuring that these facilities complied with various States’ regulations. Eventually, she transferred to Jacksonville, FL in April 2006 where she continued working as a Program Director, while she decided to pursue her passion in the Nursing field. Hence, she enrolled at Chamberlain College of Nursing where she received her BSN and MSN. As a Nursing student, she completed her clinical experience at the three major local hospitals and a couple of family clinics in the Jacksonville, FL area. After graduation, she became a Nurse Practitioner with a Board-Certified certification. Kemi started working with CVS, as a Nurse Practitioner overseeing various types of patients requiring Covid testing and immunization. In addition to working as a Nurse Practitioner. Kemi is currently enrolled at UMASS for a Doctorate in Psych. program that would be completed in the middle of 2023.

Kemi started working at Ketamine Wellness Center where her skill sets as a Nurse Practitioner with a newly added Mental Health in (Psych) would be utilized to benefit Ketamine patients. Her hobbies include reading, jogging with her husband and son in the early evenings, watching movies, meeting new people, and solving puzzles.

As the Clinical Administrator in Jacksonville, Kemi works with the great staff at this location to achieve the organization’s mission. In turn, she shares her expertise as a Nurse practitioner with the staff to deliver excellent healthcare and amazing customer service to our patients.