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Facilitated Treatment Support

A Unique, Holistic Approach

Ketamine infusion therapy often has remarkable and fast-acting benefits, but it is seldom a “one and done.” The benefits of ketamine therapy are best sustained by combining ongoing treatments with support and lifestyle changes.

While most experts agree on the value of this approach, few if any ketamine infusion clinics are committed to providing this type of holistic support to their patients. Here at Ketamine Wellness Centers, our expert Health and Wellness Coordinator is ready to work with you every step of the way to track and fully support your continued wellness and be a resource for you as you manage any issues or roadblocks that may come up.

Your Wellness Goals – Ready, Set, Real!

Neuroscience tells us that ketamine repairs and improves connections in the brain that have been damaged by serious depression and mood disorders. At the same time, ketamine builds new healthy connections (neuroplasticity). This happens almost immediately to reverse the effects of damage. But if ketamine therapy is discontinued with no ongoing support strategies, the damage may reappear over time. This is where KWC’s Facilitated Treatment Support (FTS) can make a huge difference. As long as those new brain pathways are opened up you can once again think outside the pill-box! You have a window of opportunity to develop resiliency and learn new coping strategies that can help protect you and keep you out of the cycle of returning symptoms.

KWC’s FTS program supports you with a proven strategy of individual coaching and guided self-coaching so you can set and reach your goals for sustainable healthier behaviors and mental wellness.

FTS – A Personalized Treatment Support Plan

Just like your ketamine infusion treatment plan, your FTS plan is also tailored to fit you exactly.
The FTS program is a series of six, one-on-one telehealth sessions with an expert Health and Wellness Coordinator. This allows you to work together and shape the program to meet your specific needs. The series also has a specialized companion workbook for you to use during and after each session.

FTS equips you with tools and skills to help you understand your treatments, be more resilient and handle life’s stressors.

What you will learn:

  • Ways to still your mind, relax your body and be present in the moment
  • Techniques to discover self-awareness
  • How to set attainable goals
  • How to reframe negative thoughts into positive thinking
  • How to build confidence and focus on your strengths

Ready to Get Started?

By now you know how important FTS can be to sustaining the positive effects of your ketamine therapy. We encourage you to call or email our Health and Wellness Coordinator who is here to answer any and all of the questions you may have.

Call: 855-538-9355
Cost: The three hours of private sessions and the companion workbook cost $150. For added convenience, you can choose to pre-pay on the Make a Payment form by selecting FTS Program and using PayPal or a credit card.

Ketamine infusion therapy alone can have remarkable results, and when part of a fully comprehensive care plan it can be life-changing.