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Ketamine Success & Insights

CRPS Testimonial

Mary Kate – Another Name for Courage

“Over time I was losing hope in physical therapy and the medications were increasingly numbing me,” explains Mary Kate. “By my 21st birthday, the best way I can describe my life is it felt like I had lost my identity, my identity as a sister, daughter, friend. I no longer recognized the 14-year-old Mary Kate who had been so full of life and neither did anyone else around me.”    

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KETAMINE: A Story that Changed Lives

Ketamine is one of the most widely used and safest anesthetics in the world according to the World Health Organization who list it as an essential medicine.  Researchers at Yale have been studying low-dose ketamine since 2000 in controlled clinic settings for patients with severe depressions unresponsive to other antidepressants. 

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