Facilitated Treatment Support Program

What Can I do In Conjunction with Ketamine Therapy to Help Improve My Outcome?

Has your ketamine therapy left you with questions? Do you wonder what is next for you? Many questions can arise during the process of your stabilization ketamine infusions and beyond. The need for clarity and understanding of the events that occur during your treatments can cause you to be confused and wondering how to move forward.

At Ketamine Wellness Centers, we’re all about treating the whole person with an integrative approach that includes mind, body, and soul. We encourage the use of multiple outlets and modalities to keep you feeling well in the short and long term.

Coming in and receiving Ketamine infusions is only one piece of the puzzle.  It is also important to eat a healthy diet, get an adequate amount of sleep, find a hobby that you enjoy. Here at KWC, we offer a variety of products and services that work in conjunction with Ketamine infusions to help you on your journey to wellness.  We offer patient support through our Facilitated Treatment Support Program which offers one-on-one coaching sessions, and a Facebook Patient Support Group that allows you to interact with other KWC patients in a supportive community.

FTS – A Personalized Treatment Support Plan

Our expert Health and Wellness Coordinator is ready to work with you every step of the way to track and fully support your continued wellness and be a resource for you as you manage any issues or roadblocks that may come up.

While working with our Health and Wellness Coordinator, you will use valuable self-awareness exercises that will assist you in gaining the clarity you seek. 

Just like your ketamine infusion treatment plan, your FTS plan is also tailored to fit you exactly. The FTS program is a series of six, one-on-one telehealth sessions with an expert Health and Wellness Coordinator. This allows you to work together and shape the program to meet your specific needs. The series also has a specialized companion workbook for you to use during and after each session.

FTS equips you with tools and skills to help you understand your treatments, be more resilient and handle life’s stressors.

What you will learn:

  • ways to still your mind, relax your body and be present in the moment
  • techniques to discover self-awareness
  • how to set attainable goals
  • how to reframe negative thoughts into positive thinking
  • how to build confidence and focus on your strengths

Sonia Cardenas

Sonia Cardenas
Health and Wellness Coordinator

Sonia Cardenas is the Health and Wellness Coordinator for Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC). Sonia has 19 years of healthcare experience and is currently completing her Master’s in Psychology at the University of Arizona GC. As Health and Wellness Coordinator Sonia heads up the unique KWC Facilitated Treatment Support program.  Sonia works one-on-one with ketamine patients to track and fully support their continued healing and remission through individual coaching and counseling.  Her experience, expertise, and passion for a personalized holistic approach to wellness make truly sustainable differences in patients’ lives. Whenever she is not working with patients you’ll find Sonia spending time with her son, family, and friends, traveling, being outdoors, or relaxing with a good book.

Ketamine Wellness Centers

Ketamine Wellness Center’s mission is to provide personalized, compassionate, high-quality care for people suffering from afflictions where Ketamine infusions have proven a successful treatment option (Depression, Chronic Pain, PTSD, OCD, Suicidality) while actively researching Ketamine’s efficacy to treat additional conditions. There is hope. There is help.

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