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Treating Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Treating Your Mental Health During COVID-19

KWC Chicago’s Clinical Administrator, Deanna, and Office Administrator, Daniel, share some helpful mental health tips during Covid-19.

Staying Healthy

Maintaining physical health is an important component of maintaining mental health.  While practicing social distancing and staying indoors, make sure to stay healthy by maintaining a good diet, getting solid rest, and avoiding excess alcohol or drug use.  Also, consider adding some form of exercise to your daily life. Being stuck indoors doesn’t mean this can not be achieved. If you have the internet, YouTube has a vast variety of workout and exercise videos that you can access for free just by searching on the platform.  Pinterest also has a variety of work out ideas. Keeping weather and social distancing in mind, try getting outside for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Just being out in the sun and breathing fresh air can help uplift your spirits.

Reduce Information Overload

In today’s day and age, we are continuously bombarded with live news updates and information….it’s everywhere, including facebook and instagram.  It is important to stay informed, but constantly watching the news can become overwhelming and cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. Also keep in mind, when you do watch television or read articles, always be sure the information you are obtaining is coming from a reliable source.  We should all try to make a conscious effort to unplug from the internet every once in a while to maintain a balanced lifestyle.  As an alternative, consider reading a book, listening to some music, or working on a new project.  

Stick to or Create a New Schedule

Many of our daily routines have been completely shattered.  Lack of daily structure can lead to feelings of uncertainty or unreliability. Sticking to or creating a new daily schedule may help us maintain a feeling of control in our life.  If sticking to a schedule is difficult, try setting reminders on your cell phone or writing down daily tasks.

Keeping Social

Social distancing does not mean social isolation.  It is important to keep social contact with friends and family during a time like this. Take advantage of technology and connect with loved ones in a meaningful way.  Many of us now have the ability to use video chats, group chats, social media, and texting as a communication resource. Use technology to stay connected while celebrating accomplishments and milestones with your loved ones.

Getting Help

Besides the daily stress and anxiety that we may deal with, the time that is upon us is scary and uncertain.  Please be sure that you reach out for help if you are feeling overwhelmed, scared, stressed, or anxious. Talk to a friend, family member, or trusted individual and tell them you are struggling. Although many offices may be closed or have limited hours during this time, we’re open and here to help.

Mental health is an important and essential tool to life. Help is available and we are always here as a resource. Get support today by connecting with us at 855-KET-WELL. 

Deanna Frazier is the Clinical Administrator at KWC Chicago

Daniel Simmons is the Office Administrator at KWC Chicago

Treating Your Mental Health During COVID-19