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How to Partner with Your Ketamine Treatment Journey During COVID-19

Congratulations, you have decided to begin your treatment journey with us! This is such a wonderful gift you are sharing with yourself and your loved ones. It is so important to partner with your experience, and to be a part of your healing process. There are many ways in which you can learn to support your decision to make ketamine infusions become an integral part of your healing experience.

How can you become a partner with your treatment journey here at KWC?

  1. Study and engage your pre-stabilization workbook before coming in for your first infusion.
  2. Eat well and hydrate before all infusions.
  3. Keep in touch with your Clinical Administrator if you have any questions regarding your responses to your infusions. 
  4. Join our Patient Facebook Support Group so you can be supported and uplifted by other KWC patients who can relate to your feelings. 
  5. Decide to meet the emotions, memories and thoughts that surface for you during your infusions. Patients who do this are most successful with moving forward efficiently.
  6. The ketamine infusions can help to dramatically heal your brain, but it is up to you to process anything that needs to move on. The awareness you glean from your infusion time can assist you in healing your life as well as your brain. 
  7. Let your therapist know that you have chosen to treat with us here at KWC. It is important to assess the information that arises in your sessions. You can then discuss this awareness with your therapist.
  8. Allow the process of healing. If your body asks for sleep, food or rest, please honor those requests. You are healing deeply and quickly, and your body will need time to rejuvenate. Self-care and self-honor are large and important parts of the transition from illness to wellness. 
  9. If you do not work with a therapist, or your provider does not understand your treatment journey, enroll in our Facilitated Treatment Support program. Our Health and Wellness Coordinator will guide you through your treatment process using simple self-awareness exercises and techniques to provide you much needed clarity.
  10. Develop a support system in your life. Being able to talk to a trusted friend or loved one can help so much! 

The practice of self-responsibility by partnering with your ketamine infusion process will bring a faster and more complete healing experience in all ways. 

To learn more about the program and services we offer at Ketamine Wellness Centers like our new Facilitated Treatment Support Program, connect with us today at 855-538-9355 or email Harmony at

How to Partner with Your Ketamine Treatment Journey During COVID-19