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COVID-19 and the KWC Community

COVID-19 and the KWC Community

Dear patients and families,

By now you have all been inundated with emails from every company you have ever done business with regarding Covid-19. KWC spent last week assessing the situation, reviewing CDC guidelines, and updating our internal exposure control plan in the event we do have an exposure. With that in place, we want to assure our patients and families that at KWC it is business as usual.

Our commitment to you is to continue to be diligent about our current cleaning practices which have been in place since our inception. If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 at any of our centers we will notify you immediately. We also ask in return if you visit one of our centers and later test positive you notify us as well. While with any flu season, individuals with underlying health conditions should be cautious about exposure, we feel our treatment is incredibly vital. Approximately 123 Americans die by suicide every day. We could only dream of having the same media attention this true pandemic deserves.

I encourage you to try to avoid excessive social media exposure, news and other possible upsetting media for prolonged periods of time. Use the web site for directions if you have questions or need updates, or consult with your family doctor. Take time to read, go for a walk, and enjoy your family. Please take care of your body and mind and if you need us we will be there to support you.


Kevin Nicholson President / CEO
Ketamine Wellness Centers

COVID-19 and the KWC Community