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Should I Continue Ketamine Therapy Treatments during Covid-19?

Should I Continue Ketamine Therapy Treatments during Covid-19?

2020 has become a very interesting year. For many of us, the Covid-19 emergence and resulting quarantines have brought new and unique challenges which can be a recipe for stress and anxiety. Here at KWC, it is our goal to help patients and loved ones through this frightening time. One of the most frequent questions has been “Should I continue my Ketamine treatments?” For most people, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Ketamine therapy has been shown to be an effective tool for alleviating depression and anxiety amongst our patient population. During these times, we are taking positive steps to limit the risk of Covid-19 at our clinics. We are limiting the number of guests in our clinics to accommodate social distancing, screening each patient and guest, and checking everyone’s temperature that enters the clinic. It is our goal that our clinics are safe and therapeutic at all times. We do not want our patients to forego their treatment and risk losing the ground they have gained in either their mental or physical health. For many, the added anxiety and stress has meant coming in early for their maintenance treatment to help maintain their mental health. We are here to help our patients get through the stress of quarantine, job insecurity, homeschooling children, being an essential worker, or however this situation is affecting them. 

In between maintenance treatments, here are a few strategies to help reduce stress and anxiety:


Do not watch the news constantly. Limit exposure to the media to a few designated times during the day.


Use a journal to express and release emotions, but try not to dwell on the negative and use a “positive sandwich” technique. Start the entry with a positive thought, discuss the negative, and then end with another positive thought.


Try to keep a regular sleep schedule and don’t deviate more than 2 hours from your regular bedtime and wake times. Staying close to your pre-quarantine sleep schedule will make the adjustment easier when this is over.


Yoga, meditation, and exercise can help to release endorphins and keep thoughts grounded and centered, as well as help to relieve depression and stress.


Lastly, be prepared, but don’t panic. Be mindful of the changes affecting our culture, but do not dwell to the point of becoming overwhelmed or panicking. 

Eventually, this situation will resolve and our lives will return to some sense of normal. For some, it will be a new normal, a new job, or changes to their job or daily life.  At KWC, we are here to help our patients continue their Ketamine therapy and wellness journey to be able to face challenges without the burdens of depression, anxiety, or chronic pain.


Michelle Craft is the Clinical Administrator at KWC Dallas

Should I Continue Ketamine Therapy Treatments during Covid-19?