The Importance of Being Proactive

The Importance of Being Proactive

A recent study at Columbia University Medical Center proposed the idea that Ketamine could be beneficial in preventing, or reducing PTSD symptoms when used prior to a traumatic experience.  This experiment was done with mice and more research is needed to recommend “preventative” infusions.

There is more evidence emerging in an interesting concept called “Neuro-protection”.  For many years, scientists believed that the brain could not repair itself.  Damage to neurons (brain cells) was thought to be permanent.  Sometimes, it was believed, improvement could be seen after an injury or damage with changes in fluid and pressure, but nerves (we thought) did not have the ability to regenerate like starfish.  That is because we didn’t really understand what we were looking at, and we could barely look at anything at all.

That was then.  Nowadays, we recognize that drugs change the brain in ways we are only beginning to appreciate.  Recent research showed permanent changes to the brain in only a single dose of anti-depressant medication.  Research in drugs, ranging from LSD to cannabis, reveals possible reparative qualities following injuries to the brain.  There is much research presently being conducted and led by former NFL players, whose high rates of disabling concussions and “football brain”, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, have been well documented.

What if we had a drug or treatment that could repair some of the effect of damage to the brain?  What if we had a drug that might actually prevent damage to the brain caused by trauma or stress?  Would you be interested?  That may sound like science fiction, but Ketamine might be the answer.  At this time, preventative use of Ketamine is not being recommended, but if you have suffered from debilitating PTSD, or other anxiety or depression issues, Ketamine infusion therapy may help you.

We recognize Ketamine alone may not be sufficient.  That’s why Ketamine Wellness Centers offers a comprehensive program, which will teach you to manage any residual or recurring symptoms proactively.  We offer strategies in addition to Ketamine designed to keep you well, and help prevent depression from recurring.  The professionals at Ketamine Wellness Centers can help you with relief from disabling problems, and assistance with maintaining this improvement.

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Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers.