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I recently learned some frightening statistics.  Suicide is now the 10th leading cause of death in the US.  Over 13 per 100,000 individuals commit suicide each year, for a total of over 44,000 persons, each with multiple friends and family members whose lives are forever changed.  For each actual suicide, there are over 20 attempts, many of which are lethal enough to cause serious damage if not death.

Suicide is not a moral or personal failure.  It is not a cowardly act.  Suicide is caused by many factors, but, generally speaking, it occurs when people are overwhelmed.  Sometimes this occurs with people who never struggled before.  Often people become overwhelmed in addition to dealing with chronic health issues, including medical problems such as depression, PTSD, and addiction.

I want to shout from the rooftops:  THERE IS HELP!  THERE IS HOPE!

If you knew what I know and if you could see what I have seen, you would have hope too.

Ketamine infusion therapy is very effective in decreasing suicide risk.  It has been proven effective in emergency rooms and clinics around the country for many years.  Unlike traditional antidepressant medication, which can increase risk for suicide, Ketamine decreases risk for suicide.  This is great news for the almost one million people whose lives will be affected by a loved one’s suicide attempts.

Are you suffering?

Is someone you know suffering?

Please don’t be afraid to talk about it.  Ask questions.  Talking does not cause someone to act on their suicidal thoughts.  You won’t “push someone over the edge” by caring and asking.

Here are some things NOT to say to someone who is suicidal:

  • “Cheer up.  Things aren’t so bad.”
  • “Don’t tell me these things! You don’t really mean that!”
  • “How can you do this to your friends and family”
  • “Suicide is selfish and cowardly”.

Here are some ways to help to someone who is suicidal:

  • Show empathy. “I’m sorry you are in so much pain.”
  • Listen to their concerns and feelings and take what they say seriously. “I am here for you”.
  • Offer support.  “How can I help?”

If you or a loved one is struggling from suicidal thoughts call the caring professionals at Ketamine Wellness Center.  We have a program for people who struggle with suicide as part of their depression, pain, or anxiety.  There is hope. There is help.


Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers.