Could I Be Depressed? Here are some primary indicators.

Could I Be Depressed? Here are some primary indicators.

Many people recognize certain signs of depression. Common indicators are frequent crying (tearfulness), feeling hopeless and worthless. But did you realize that many people who suffer from depression experience physical or somatic symptoms as well? It is believed that the same mechanisms in the brain that create mood or mental difficulties can also create physical or somatic difficulties. Sometimes, these can be the primary indicators of depression.

  1. Headaches and Body Aches.  It is well documented that people who suffer with chronic pain issues have higher rates and increased risk of depression. What is unclear is whether the pain leads to depression, or depression leads to the pain. It makes the most sense to find something that can treat both, which Ketamine can do.
  2. Sleep difficulties.  Depression can cause people to sleep too much or make it difficult to sleep adequately. Are you practicing good sleep hygiene?  (Turn off electronics, practice relaxation, or calm activities before bedtime, etc.) We can help you develop a plan to help you reset your sleep patterns and develop healthier sleep habits.
  3. Digestive Problems and Weight Changes.  Many people struggling with depression have little appetite, or may eat excessively (sometimes both). People struggling with depression often find they crave carbohydrates in general, and sugar in particular. On the other hand, eating a certain diet including nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin B complex can reduce depression.
  4. Fatigue.  People with depression can also feel fatigued even if they slept for 10+ hours. This can be an indicator of lack of interest in activities, as well as physical “sluggishness” or slowness that occurs with depression. This is not just feeling “sleepy” but that crippling body weight fatigue that can be, well, crippling!
  5. Chest Pains.  Suffering with depression puts you at a higher risk for cardio-vascular disease. See your doctor ASAP.  If there is nothing physically wrong, it may be depression or anxiety.

If you are experiencing any of these physical symptoms of depression, the first stop should be your primary care provider’s office. A full medical examination including blood work can assess whether your symptoms are related to depression or something else (thyroid, other hormonal difficulties, cardio-vascular disease, or other chronic pain syndromes). If traditional medicine does not have the solution to your difficulties and able to restore your physical and mental health, call the professionals at Ketamine Wellness Centers. We can help!


Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers.

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