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Video: How Ketamine Infusion Therapy Relieves Chronic Pain

Traditional medications merely dull pain signals in the brain.
Low-dose Ketamine Infusions actually reboot your neurotransmitters.

We explain how low-dose Ketamine Infusions actually reboot your neurotransmitters, whereas traditional prescription medications merely dull the pain signals. Think of Ketamine Therapy vs. Pain Medications as getting well vs. getting by. Here’s how it works:


Research has shown that low-dose Ketamine Infusion Therapy has a profoundly beneficial effect on the central nervous system by giving your neurotransmitters a reboot. When an individual experiences chronic neuro-pathic pain, their neurotransmitters are firing off signals to parts of the body which are linked to existing pain trauma and in many cases, where there is no cause of pain at all.

Of course, this makes it difficult to get significant relief from pain because the system’s ability to regulate these pain signals is compromised. Broadly speaking, individuals with untreated or mistreated neuro-pathic pain conditions experience a significant decline in quality of life and face a host of daily challenges.

Traditional medicine’s answer to neuro-pathic pain is to dull the signals with pain medications, which come prescribed with serious and long-term side effects, and do little to attack the root of the problem. What your system truly needs in order to heal is that reboot to your neurotransmitters, which is what Ketemaine Infusion Therapy has been shown to achieve.

At Ketamine Wellness Centers, we have treated a number of patients suffering from Fibromyagia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), and after a series of infusions, the majority of these patients were able to achieve immediate and sustained relief from chronic pain.

If you or a loved one have been suffering from long term pain and are ready to ditch your pain medications for a safe and effective therapy, call Ketamine Wellness Centers today.


Video: How Ketamine Infusion Therapy Relieves Chronic Pain