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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Everybody has a mother.  Some are part of their children’s lives.  Some are not.  You may have had mixed experiences with your own mother.  Perhaps she was loving, at times.  Perhaps she was not.  Maybe she understood what you needed, and was able to provide the emotional support you, as a unique individual, required to become a happy successful adult.  Maybe she didn’t. Whether you have positive memories or a good relationship, at some point in your life, you have to take on the responsibility of caring for yourself.

In psychotherapy or counseling, one of the ideas discussed is “reparenting”.  In this process, an individual learns to care for his or her emotional needs, including pain from past events or traumas.  Learning to “self-correct” damage done (whether intentionally or not) is a key aspect of being able to heal and move forward in your life.

Some of the ways to heal include learning healthy thinking and self talk.  Learning how to soothe fears and anxieties in a productive way. Learning how to love, care for and accept care from others. These are not selfish acts, but rather ideas and actions that allow you to give and receive love from others.  If your mother was unable/unwilling to help you develop these important strategies, you can give yourself that gift.

This year on Mother’s Day, give yourself and your mother the greatest gift!  Give the gift of joy! Learn how to live a better life.  Wouldn’t your mother want that for you? Or perhaps, give the gift of a better life to your wife, your mother, your daughter, or the mother of your children.

At Ketamine Wellness Centers, we offer a comprehensive program designed to help you with your healing process.  Ketamine infusions can help heal the brain, and our professional counseling staff can assist you with learning aspects of being a “good mother to yourself”.  If your parenting wasn’t adequate, take charge of your life and “reparent” yourself to greater health and wellbeing. Call us today and give yourself or a loved one the gift of joy.  That will make for a truly happier Mother’s Day!