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Is This Feeling Normal?

Is This Feeling Normal?

Many people experience sadness or depressive symptoms (low energy, feeling down, crying easily, anger, irritability). Also common are feelings of anxiety or worry (first day of school/work, getting married or making a big commitment or purchase, even going on vacation).  How do you know if this is a sign of a psychological problem versus a “normal” response? How do you know if this is something to “treat” or just wait until it passes?

The first thing to remember is that as human beings we have emotional reactions to what goes on around us. If something terrible or tragic happens, we feel sad. When things feel uncertain, chaotic, or sometimes just different, we experience fear, worry and anxiety. These are normal human reactions. What is the difference between normal life responses and true depression or anxiety?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can I identify a reason why I feel this way? Am I sad because I lost my job, or a loved one? Am I sad when everything is going right, for no discernible reason at all?
  2. How much do my feelings affect my day-to-day life? Am I still able to work and enjoy other activities? Am I still seeking out and interacting with others?
  3. How long has this been going on? Everyone has bad days, but are you having a bad week or month, without any good days?

If you cannot identify a reason, or find your emotions are overwhelming your ability to do anything, or feeling stuck for a week or more, you might be suffering from depression and/or anxiety.

Whether you are struggling with a serious issue of depression or anxiety, or just dealing with normal life remember – you can do something about it. Adequate sleep, eating a good healthy diet, physical activity and being with other people can help improve your mood and lower your stress levels. This can have many benefits for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Engaging in activities such as mindfulness exercises, meditation, and religious connections can also help diminish anxiety and improve mental and physical health.

Still struggling or uncertain? Call the professionals at Ketamine Wellness Center!  We can assist you in finding your road to success. Suffer no more – there is hope, there is help.

Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers.

Is This Feeling Normal?

Is This Feeling Normal?