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CEO Update – May 2018

Our newest office in Denver-Littleton, Colorado is officially open and has hit the ground running. The Clinical Administrator in Denver, Shannon, is working hard to solidify her treatment team to ensure our consistency of “gold level care” is achieved. We are taking all the steps necessary to ensure that regardless of which KWC location a patient is treated at, they are met with the same personalized, quality care that we have become known for.

We are entering into a very busy time of year with summer vacations, holidays and kids away from school. We have found that some of our patients who struggle with depression or other conditions will sometimes lose track on their maintenance treatments. We have created a short video that demonstrates how critical these routine maintenance infusion treatments are while a patient embarks on their path to wellness.

The analogy in this video was inspired by a young patient in Tucson, who spoke about how Ketamine provides effective maintenance for people’s brains and emotions. Much like cars that need routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly, patients who suffer from Depression, PTSD, and Neuro-pathic pain require routine care. The clinical staff at Ketamine Wellness Centers is here to ensure your treatment plan is tailored to your optimal outcome.

We hope you have a relaxing summer but please don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Kevin Nicholson
CEO, Ketamine Wellness Centers

CEO Update – May 2018