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CEO Update | February 2022

Message from the CEO

Thirteen is our lucky number in Reno! On March 7th, we will be opening the doors of our 13th brand new clinic, which will be our first in Reno, Nevada. An outstanding team of professionals has been hired and advanced training will be commencing over the next two to three weeks. We are very excited to bring the KWC program to the many patients in need, in the rapidly growing Reno, Nevada area. Because of our existing relationships with third-party insurance carriers in Nevada, we anticipate being able to offer in-network treatments soon after we open our doors.  

Some of you may be wondering how we grew from 11 offices in January to 13 in March. Well, that’s because clinic number 12 was the conversion of Ketamine Infusion Centers conveniently located in central Phoenix and officially bringing it under the KWC umbrella as of February 1st. After making some modifications to the office space and updating to deluxe treatment rooms, we then introduced our gold standard protocols to ensure the same consistency of care we are known for, no matter what KWC location you visit.

Starting in April, Ketamine Wellness Centers will begin offering esketamine (Spravato®) treatments in some of our 13 locations (based on insurance coverage availability). While we believe that IV therapy remains the premier standard of care for effective treatments, we also believe in offering our current and prospective patients the opportunity to try and receive the benefit via Spravato’s intranasal administration, especially when it may be covered by their insurance. Watch for updates and more patient information as we get closer to our April kickoff. 

Happy belated Valentine’s day to everyone. 

CEO Update | February 2022