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4 Tips on Managing Holiday Blues

During this time of the year, no matter where you live, depression increases. The decreased daylight alongside the increasing stress of the holiday season can affect all of us. For some people it can trigger severe bouts of depression and overwhelming sadness. Others experience a worsening of anxiety, especially in anticipation of family events, or the loneliness of not having a “Hallmark card” family holiday.

Oftentimes, depression or anxiety happens unexpectedly. The good news is that this escalation is to be expected, which means now is the time to plan strategies to better manage stress and the holiday blues.

Plan to stay well through the holidays:

  1. Get adequate sleep. Despite the many demands and activities like holiday parties, sleep should be a number 1 priority. Make certain you are scheduling adequate time to relax and maintain a healthy sleep routine. If you go to bed late, try to get up at the usual time, and go to bed the following night in a more timely fashion. You can’t really “catch up” on sleep, so it’s important to not amass a deficit. Make getting 7-8 hours nightly a priority. Any chore you didn’t do one day will probably wait until the next without serious consequence.
  2. Eat nutritiously. During the holiday season we all tend to eat too much of the wrong foods. Limit your intake of alcohol and richer foods that you eat infrequently. Think about keeping 75-90% of your daily intake as you do during non-holiday times, enjoying holiday treats in small portions!
  3. Maintain exercise and other stress management routines. When people get busy with the holiday season they often feel they “don’t have time” to go to the gym, take a walk or spend time meditating. When you have increased stress, you need to increase your stress management not decrease it!
  4. Acts of charity. You know the saying, “it’s better to give than receive”? There is much truth in those words. This is a time of year to count your blessings (not deficits) and share with those less fortunate. This is a time to feed your karma and feel the power of generosity. Don’t get caught up in the never ending seeking of material goods, but remember what and who is important in your life. Seek wellness for yourself and those around you.

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Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers

4 Tips on Managing Holiday Blues