Delic Announces Pending Acquisition of KWC by Peter/PetraMD - Patients Please Contact Us For More Information

Rachel E.

Ketamine Wellness Center definitely deserves five stars. All of the staff here are extremely kind, helpful and knowledgeable. They take great care in making sure you are as comfortable as you can be during the treatments. I understand how frustrating it can be to afford these treatments because they are not yet FDA approved, thus not covered by insurance. I agree that it does make it difficult to maintain the ketamine infusions when needed.

I have been receiving infusions here for about 6 months. I have tried almost every therapy available for my painful CRPS (RSD). So far, the ketamine infusions have been the only therapy in which the benefits (decreased neuropathic pain) have lasted longer than my typical treatment of sympathetic nerve blocks. I am also lucky to have a relative to help me pay for most of my as needed 2 day ketamine infusions.

I would definitely recommend this center for both the great staff and very effective ketamine infusions!