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CEO Update- July 2021

Message from the CEO

I am proud to announce that Ketamine Wellness Centers is the largest provider of ketamine therapy in the United States. We currently have ten clinics in eight states. I have always said the key to our success is based on our employees’ commitment to our core values of compassion, precision, integrity, dignity, and innovation. 

Nothing is more important to us than you. Expert ketamine therapy means total focus on the individual needs and comfort of our patients for the absolute best experience. If ever questions or concerns arise, we want you to feel comfortable sharing them with our Care Team and Clinical Administrator. We find most things are easily resolved at the clinic level. However, if you prefer you can now email and our KWC Patient Experience Officer will contact you. We always value feedback as we constantly review our program to ensure the highest standards of caring for you and your family.

Many of you have told me how much you enjoy KWC’s facilitated treatment support program (FTS) with our Health and Wellness Coordinator, Kayla, during your stabilization treatments. With this in mind, Kayla and Dr. Diamond are currently working on some additional support programs to go along with the FTS program, as well as enhancing the online group support meetings for patients and family members. These programs provide valuable information and coaching and also allow people to share their journey and their experiences with others who have gone through treatments. Stay tuned for these exciting programs.

While some of our locations are experiencing record-setting temperatures, I hope we can all enjoy our Independence Day festivities with our friends and family. Happy July 4th and thank you.

Kevin Nicholson, President and CEO
Ketamine Wellness Centers

CEO Update- July 2021