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A Change of Scenery

A Change of Scenery

How often have you thought “I need to get away!”?

Having a vacation at the beach or the mountains is a wonderful opportunity, but having the time and resources to make it happen doesn’t always occur.  So how can you get away without actually getting away?

Consider changing your mental scenery.

There are a couple of strategies to help you change your mental scenery.  A “traditional” approach is trying a mini-mental vacation.  Close your eyes and go to your happy place.  This means imagining in your mind’s eye a beautiful, peaceful location.  Perhaps the memory of a favorite spot in your life, or even imagining yourself in some location you’ve only had the chance to see on television or in a magazine.  Your brain doesn’t always distinguish between real and imagined – an example of this is how people jump when something scary or dangerous comes on a movie theater screen.  So, imagining yourself on vacation will translate those “relaxing” thoughts to your body, which will react as if you were on vacation and help keep you calm and lower stress.

Another way to change your mental scenery involves seeing things from a different point of view.  Do you recognize that you always prepare for the worst?  When you start a task, do you envision yourself succeeding or failing?  What if you took a different approach?  If you’re a glass half-empty thinker, can you imagine seeing the glass half-full?  If you know someone who thinks more positively, can you imitate or channel their way of responding by asking yourself “What would my friend think?”

Sometimes it is hard to change the way you think or view the world.  Sometimes these self-destructive thought patterns are like deeply ingrained habits.  Sometimes our brains resist change and sometimes you need additional help.

People who have received Ketamine treatments report rapid changes in the way they view their life.  Many people report that thinking differently is one of the first changes they notice after their initial Ketamine infusions. One person said, “Before Ketamine infusions, my life felt like the middle of a train wreck.  Now, I feel like I am seeing the wreck, and figuring how to sort through it”.  Instead of being overwhelmed by challenges, they were able to look at the problems faced and figure out solutions.  That is a powerful statement about Ketamine infusions.

Try a different mental journey.  If you need help implementing these strategies, or making other changes in your life, consider Ketamine Wellness Centers.  Our skilled professionals can assist you in creating the life you want and envision.  Start thinking about this today!


Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers, Inc.

A Change of Scenery

A Change of Scenery