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Melinda H.

I had a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) over 5 years ago after I slipped and fell on ice. It only took seconds and my life as I knew it was over. I worked and went to school full time and did wedding flowers on the weekend. My boys were on their own and now I could focus on me, or so I thought! I became like a child having temper tantrums, crying all the time and was suicidal.

The meds they tried were barely touching any of the negative things I was going through. I was in terrible pain daily and couldn’t sleep. I had nerve root damage in my back and my legs were now weak, burning, painful, ached and I now was also dealing with restless leg syndrome. I would have to punch my legs because even though I was on pain meds, punching them would help stop the horrible pain and sensations I was having, even if only for a couple of minutes. What I realized through this journey is that it wasn’t one miracle drug that helped with everything, it was a combination of things.

I couldn’t process things well, my memory was bad and I had difficulty in math or finding the right words to use. I had to have multiple surgeries and put on a lot of weight. By the time I found the KWC, I was doing a little better but still struggling daily. I have to say everyone there was phenomenal and could not have been more helpful, kind and caring. The staff is exceptional!

The first day I wasn’t very nervous, but the experience with the Ketamine was tough. I almost didn’t go back the second day, but I am thankful I did! After that, it was better. The one thing I want people to understand is that you may not see the effects right away. I opted out of the continuing treatments, but I wish I would have continued. It really helped me in areas I wasn’t expecting. I was always very creative and I lost a lot of that after my TBI, but a few weeks after treatment I realized I was able to create again. I could also write again. I still make mistakes but I am so much better. It didn’t stop my crying episodes, but shortly after my doctor tried another medicine that has helped me tremendously!

It has taken 5 years of trying and not giving up. I’m so much better and now my family finally understands (they’re a little slow – 2 grown son’s and a husband ). I had to constantly remind them just because I looked the same, I wasn’t. Now my life is so much better. Don’t give up, keep fighting and you can be happy again. I can’t work or finish school or even do weddings or flowers again because my energy is limited but I found a life were I learned to appreciate the small things and that I am still here to spend time with my new grandson. I have lost 1/2 the weight I put on and am so proud of myself. I just attack one thing at a time now. Then I’m on to the next. Ketamine can be a little scary and having to pay cash is hard but I am so thankful I went. A friend’s husband went because he was resistant to medications, and he had really good results from the beginning.