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Lynne S.

I am coming out of the mental health stigma closet to let you all know that i have been treated for Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar and many diagnosis du jour over the years. I have been on every medication available since high school. some with good results some with no results. None of them lasted or worked for any length of time.

This link to the Ketamine Clinic here in Arizona describes what has become the most innovative and helpful treatment I have ever had. The results cannot be argued with.This is the best I have ever felt. Ever. I would never have gone through with suicide but always had the plan that gave me comfort. That isn’t even within the realm of possibility now.

I think that Ketamine will be a very important tool in relieving the hopelessness of depressions that leave barely functioning shadows of human beings. Along with behavioral changes of course- therapy, counseling, support groups, spiritual paths etc.

Having been in the behavioral health field for my entire adult life, I really have never spoken of my own experiences with clinical depression. This is the treatment that has changed everything for me. It may not work for everyone. But the results were immediate and unimaginably positive.