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Quantum Mental Health

Quantum Mental Health believes everyone deserves access to affordable therapy for psychedelic integration.

Interest in psychedelics is growing in the United States, particularly around the potential benefits of psychedelic experiences on mental health and wellbeing.

Psychedelic experiences can be powerful, confusing, eye-opening, transformative, frightening, or anywhere in between, and processing and integrating the impact of those experiences is an important part of understanding and sustaining long-term growth, transformation, and healing.

However, a mental health therapy session related to psychedelic integration costs $300 per hour on average in the United States. The first session alone can cost $600.

At Quantum, we charge $75.

We provide affordable, evidenced-based psychotherapy for those navigating what to make of their encounter(s) with psychedelics or with psychedelic treatment.

Our therapists understand the risks and benefits of psychedelic experiences on mental health and are available to provide anchored support for you to process your experience and find meaning, wisdom, and value in the time after.