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Why John Poehler is Empowering those Living with Bipolar Disorder

In his most recent article on his website called The Bipolar Battle, author John Poehler shares a personal story about his friend’s bipolar disorder and experience with Ketamine infusion therapy. According to Poehler, “A few years ago, one of my lifelong friends told me he had started ketamine infusions. Ever since I first knew him, he has struggled with depression. Over the years, he tried countless medications, different therapies (including electroshock therapy) and drug trials through various universities. I remember thinking, “this is the best he has ever sounded.” He explained the simplicity of the treatments and the ability to maintain them.

Everyone’s personal journey with mental health is different, however by exploring Poehler’s blog, we hope that you’re inspired to know that there is hope and there is help for those living with bipolar disorder. 

Read Poehler’s article HERE and if you know someone who is struggling with an ongoing mental health condition, contact Ketamine Wellness Centers at 855-KET-WELL (855-538-9355).

John Poehler is an author and mental health advocate empowering those living with Bipolar Disorder.

Why John Poehler is Empowering those Living with Bipolar Disorder