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The Importance of Purpose

The Importance of Purpose

One of the most famous and significant books in the past century is Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”, in which the psychiatrist talks about his personal experiences in Nazi concentration camps. It focuses on his observations and belief that people who had a sense of purpose were more resilient and survived the horrors better. If having a belief in a meaningful existence, or a purpose in something greater than yourself can help you survive the Holocaust, imagine what it can do to the struggle in your life today.

How do you find, or figure out your purpose?

Start with asking yourself what matters in your life? Is it family?  Friends?  Work?

A particular cause (homelessness, feeding people, animal welfare)?  What interests or passions speak to you? If nothing stands out for you today, are there things that have in the past?


Consider what you need to do to in order to bring more of this purpose into your life. Do you need to be a “better family member”, or a better friend?  Is volunteering in an organization for a particular cause something to think about?  Can you become more active in your church or community?

Having a sense of purpose, and incorporating that into your life can help for a number of reasons. Serving others helps you recognize your own strengths and value. It also provides for a welcome distraction and “gets you out of your own head” for a brief time. This helps with greater perspective to assist in slowing down any descent into depression, or to lift your mood ever so slightly.

Engaging in purposeful activity can also put you in closer proximity to others, decreasing isolation. As you can see, finding your purpose can help with many aspects of better managing depression and anxiety. This contributes to resilience, or the ability to recover or “bounce back” from problems and stressors in your life. For some, this comes easier than others. If you are one of the many for whom this is a challenge, you can develop better abilities to utilize strategies and better cope with whatever life throws your way.

If you are having trouble finding your way to a sense of purpose and better coping and resilience in your life, call the professionals at Ketamine Wellness Centers. Our treatments are focused on helping you achieve success and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Call us today, and start your path to a more resilient and purposeful future.

Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers.

The Importance of Purpose

The Importance of Purpose