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The Cost of Depression

The Cost of Depression

Here at Ketamine Wellness Centers we often hear concerns regarding the cost of treatment.  In order to safely provide therapeutic treatments, we know we must maintain our high standards.  This insures people seeking help the best possible outcome.  We understand that does not come with a small price tag.  Dollars are one way to judge cost.  But how do we judge the cost of depression, or not seeking help?

Ask yourself the following questions:

How much time has been taken up by my depression? Can I count the number of hours I spent in bed?  How many activities and events with friends and family have I missed because of this black cloud?  How many friendships and relationships have withered away and died?

Have I missed opportunities at work?  Have I been passed over for a promotion?  Did I not seek career advancement or better paying position because I felt overwhelmed and struggling today?

Do I feel like life is passing me by?  Is everyday a struggle to get out of bed?  How much energy do I have to spend just doing the minimum?  What would I be able to accomplish if I were not depressed?

Do I want to change my weight?  Do I want to stop smoking?  Do I want to stop using drugs or alcohol?  Do I want a better sex life?  Do I want to start or go back to my house of worship?  Do I want to change my life?

How much does NOT having the life you want really cost you?

If you ask yourself any of these questions and need help in making positive changes, please call us.  At Ketamine Wellness Centers, we offer Ketamine infusions that can help you get moving in the right direction.  We offer counseling and diagnostic services to assist you in more fully understanding your needs.  Together, we offer treatment that is customized to your particular needs.  We can provide you with the help that leads to real change.  What does it cost?  How much is your life and happiness worth?  It is costing you too much NOT to get help.

Dr. Ellen Diamond is a Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Center’s Inc.

The Cost of Depression

The Cost of Depression