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Shonny R.

Before coming to KWC, I was at a point of complete hopelessness. I was diagnosed with CRPS in  2007 in my right foot. Within a year, it had spread to both feet and I was paralyzed on the right side. I worked for four yrs to get movement back in my leg and learn to walk again. Yet I was still in horrific pain.

The disease has since continued to spread to both hands and arms, to my face, ears, neck and chest. I have had two Spinal Cord Stimulators implanted, several different type of injections and procedures, and on as many as 17 different medications at the same time. On top of everything else, CRPS has opened the door for a plethora of other health issues, including fibromyalgia, neuropathy, raynauds syndrome, several broken bones, charcot foot, degenerative arthritis and depression.

Before finding KWC, I had been basically bed ridden for five months from the ever increasing pain and inability to find any relief. But then I met Chera. With her sweet voice and caring way, she assured me that there was hope through Ketamine infusions! So my Dad, my friends and my sons all gave themselves and their money to provide a way for me to go to Arizona and try the Ketamine infusions.

I arrived nervous, anxious, and cautiously hopeful. With CRPS, procedures can either help, or cause a horrible flare-up. I didn’t know what the case was going to be this time. From the moment I got to the infusion room with Tiffany, she too was simply wonderful! She talked with me and treated me with respect (unusual with this disease). She listened to my concerns and between her and Jonathan a plan was put into motion.

I had five treatments, each lasting 4.5 hours. Followed up by two more infusions, two weeks later. Each time, the entire staff was caring and thoughtful, and enjoyable to be around! It was apparent that they all loved their jobs and truly wanted to help people….not just there to collect a paycheck.

After that first day, not once did I ever feel nervous or worried but rather completely peaceful, cared for, and safe. The staff was better than any of the several dozen of other facilities that I have been to. Furthermore and best of all, MY PAIN HAS DECREASED BY ABOUT 45-50%!!!  Yep…50%!!!!!  That is HUGE!!! I am now able to volunteer at my church again, cook my meals, and do more things than I have been able to do for several years!!

I am incredibly grateful for KWC, and I highly recommend them to anyone in search of pain relief!

Forever your biggest fan,