Delic Announces Pending Acquisition of KWC by Peter/PetraMD - Patients Please Contact Us For More Information

Seattle/Federal Way, WA Patient

I have suffered with emotional instability for half my life. Traditional pharmaceutical psychiatric medications have not helped me in the past. I’ve heard of ketamine infusion therapy years ago and decided to research nearby locations who would accept me. After having a pleasant experience talking with this clinic location, I decided to go through with getting the treatment I needed. I was looking to solve alternative ways to treat my seemingly treatment-resistant depression. More specifically my PMDD symptoms. The workers and their attitudes stood out to me at my very first appointment. I felt seen and heard in ways I have not before with workers in mental health-related fields. I was in great hands during my initial treatments at this clinic. Everyone who I had contact with were warm and welcoming and helped me feel like this was a safe space to be open and vulnerable. My perspective on life has honestly changed, knowing there are people who can help me when I need it the most is huge within itself. Also, my care team has assisted me with long-term mental care and I can say I was well prepared before, during, and after my treatments. I have hope now, and it’s all due to my experience at this clinic. If you are somebody who has the means to get this groundbreaking treatment, I would recommend this clinic. From my positive interactions to feeling a new peace of mind, I would recommend this clinic in particular for the experience!