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Seattle/Federal Way, WA Patient

I suffer from PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder with Panic Attacks. I am a retired infantryman (for context). I have been prescribed over two dozen different types of medications that either had no positive impact, made things worse, or had such negative side effects that I just could not take them. I landed on Lexapro for the last 4+ years and it helped for a few years and then stopped being effective. The dose was increased and still had no great impact. I also suffer from chronic pain and am treated with pain medication so I have not been able to have my anxiety treated with medications for my panic attacks. This is an unfortunate result of the increased oversight on pain medication and benzodiazepines in my opinion. At any rate, I was running out of options after trying everything available. My options were shock therapy and ketamine treatment and I believe a chose the right one! I was referred by a close friend that also struggled with treatment-resistant depression and it saved his life. After starting treatment my PTSD symptoms are null, my depression is minimized, and my anxiety is at a tolerable level – no panic attacks since I started treatment! I have a level of clarity I have not had for so long. I am very excited about this treatment and would refer anyone that is in a similar situation. I have referred my family members already.

I can’t say enough good things about Winston and his staff – they are simply amazing and they truly care about their patients! Thank you all!