Delic Announces Suspension of Ketamine Wellness Centers Operations - Patients Please Contact Us For More Information


It’s hard to fully describe how much this place has helped me. I came to the Ketamine Wellness Centers begrudgingly at the request of my family and friends because, after nearly 3 dozen med trials and a few other failed treatment modalities, I was entirely dejected. I wanted to show them this, too, was going to fail and I was just one step closer to being able to give up fully. To me, excuse the hyperbole, my Treatment Resistant Depression was not only chronic and pervasive, it was down right terminal.

After just over a year and a half of infusions at KWC, however, I’ve been able to get back into an exercise program, eating better, playing my instruments, and am starting to look for part time work after 8 years of not being able to. All of those being things I never thought possible, especially my instruments that I hadn’t played in 7+ years. This year has been challenging, and yet I’ve been able to endure, perhaps even thrive, thanks to KWC.

No, the infusions aren’t a cure all (and they’re expensive thanks to bureaucratic nonsense with the FDA and insurance companies) but ask my providers if they see a change due to the ketamine and they’ll say yes. And KWC, in particular, has been pivotal in my growth. They are one of just a couple clinics that have always treated me as a human and with respect. The 1:1 care and the compassion from every person there allows me to come in on months my depression says otherwise.