Delic Announces Suspension of Ketamine Wellness Centers Operations - Patients Please Contact Us For More Information

Ronald B.

I have been suffering from major depressive disorder for 24 years. Even with every medication and therapy, I still had two suicide attempts and subsequent psychiatric hospitalizations. I was at the end of my rope. I couldn’t live like this any more. I did some research and found Ketamine Wellness Center outside Denver and it was the best decision of my life. I was guided through the intake procedure and the treatment protocol. I flew from Chicago to Denver area and reserved a hotel for 12 days. I couldn’t be happier. My life has been saved. After the infusions, skeptical me was convinced that my life has changed for the better. I felt like doing things I struggled with like laundry, eating, getting the mail, dressing, and showering. These were monumental efforts when I was depressed. The staff held my hand thru the six infusions and I was never alone. The attention and caring I was shown was worth it all. If you are considering treatment for intractable depression, I recommend Ketamine Wellness Center wholeheartedly. They literally saved my life. I am eternally grateful