Delic Announces Suspension of Ketamine Wellness Centers Operations - Patients Please Contact Us For More Information

Madison R.

I first contacted the Ketamine Wellness Center in August 2018 to learn more information regarding treatment times, prices, and flexibility. They were more than willing and helpful to provide me with all of the resources I needed to make a decision regarding other options in treating my depression, anxiety, and suicidal idealizations. I had my first round of treatments in October although I could have been seen much sooner; this was what worked with my schedule and traveling from out of state.

They were more than accommodating with my appointment times. I had four stabilization treatments over the course of five days during which Bill, Stephanie, and Jessica were awesome throughout the whole process! I am very uneasy with needles and IVs but they made the whole process very relaxing and comforting. I received calls from the nurses and nurse practitioner the days following my initial treatments to ensure I was still recovering well. I finished up with my post stabilization treatment the beginning of November which they made sure I would have a time that would work with my flight schedule that day.

They have assured me if I start to slip back into my severe depression to give them a call and they will fit me in as soon as possible given availability and flight time. I look forward to additional follow up appointments that may be needed in the future. I highly recommended the Ketamine Wellness Center to anyone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, or PTSD.