Delic Announces Pending Acquisition of KWC by Peter/PetraMD - Patients Please Contact Us For More Information

Labin S.

I went to Ketamine Wellness Centers for chronic pain in my back and legs. I ended up there because i was searching for anything that might help the pain other than surgery and more pills and was about out of options. The ketamine infusions I received have truly changed my life. I have been given a freedom from my chronic pain. I can move in ways that would rack me with pain before. I can go places without hoping there is a place to sit if my back flairs. It is something I am beyond thankful for. Enough cannot be said about the amazing staff also. From the director to the receptionist, EVERYONE is warm , caring, kind, and welcoming. You couldn’t ask for a better environment for treatment. The nurses are so beyond attentive and reassuring that any fears you have about the medicine are quickly a thing of the past. This place gave me my life back.