Delic Announces Pending Acquisition of KWC by Peter/PetraMD - Patients Please Contact Us For More Information

Kristine C.

There’s a lot of times I don’t like to actually vocalize if I’m doing really well because it scares me that once I vocalize it, it wont last. But I really had to let it be known that I never thought I would get myself to such a stable place with all the things I’ve dealt with. For a long time, I just sort of accepted that my mind would always be a huge deterrent for me. I haven’t had a major anxiety attack for over a year now. And for so many years. it was a weekly thing. I’m just so grateful for finding KWC and everything you have done for me. I feel stronger mentally now than I ever thought I could feel. You guys have given me the strength to deal with all my demons and finally start putting them behind me. I just wanted to finally say it because I needed to let you guys know just how amazing you are and it has completely changed my life. Thank you for giving me my life back. ♡♡