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Jenae M.

I have suffered from Chronic Cluster Headaches for 5-years. And within the past 6-months, they were unbearable. I was bedridden, heaved when I trying to sit-upright, cried and screamed everyday from the pain I was experiencing and my blood pressure reached what was described as “stroke level high”. The first phone call to Ketamine Wellness Centers was one of the most liberating interactions I have experienced. I spoke with Patient Liaison, Michael and then with the clinical staff, Brenda and Shannon, from the Littleton, Colorado location.

Since receiving my 5-day treatment to break the pain cycle, I have been able to appreciate life in ways I never thought were possible. Putting in the work after the treatments, I feel is just as important as the treatment itself. Writing has always been a passion and outlet of mine, however just describing this experience has been a key component in my emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Today, I awoke with a slight headache and immediately went into panic mode, thinking that the level 10 pain was returning and was back to stay. However, after speaking with Brenda and Shannon at the Littleton location, I am able to understand small flareups may happen and that it is okay. This establishment and their treatment saved my life and has given me one that I never knew I wanted or that existed. I have a long road ahead, but I know it’s filled with support and I can finally take a breath in knowing I can help others just by sharing my experiences.

I am forever grateful for the Ketamine Wellness Centers and their team of professionals. The receptionists, nurses, nurse practitioner and others have been so incredibly understanding and supportive. A person always answers the phone (never automated) and I think that speaks in volumes. The sheer positivity of this place is indescribable and I could feel it immediately upon my arrival. The team just literally wants people to feel better and they are fun, nice, personable, professional and again the most supportive individuals I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Words cannot describe the amount of gratitude I hold in my heart.