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Drew P.

I got to a point in my depression where I didn’t want to keep going. The future looked bleak at best and I usually felt that the longer I went on, the worse my condition would get; hence, the worse my life would get. I withdrew from friends, worship, and even my family. Everything felt monumental, I would throw up from anxiety trying to just go to work.

The breaking point was in Dec. 2017. I was at my lowest and just ready for it all to be over. My psychiatrist mentioned Ketamine, I took it and ran with it. I HAD very treatment-resistant depression. After my main stabilization treatments, I was 100% different. Colors were colorful again. Food had flavor again. Music didn’t annoy me. My sense of smell returned and I realized I hadn’t even smelled a piece of toast in years. I was getting back what my thousands of dollars on meds and doctors visits hadn’t previously done for me. That was the first change.

Now, Im finishing up my 2 week follow up and I am back to my old self. Life is still hard but it isn’t scary hard anymore; its manageable. I can drive without freaking out. I am getting my friends back that I pushed away. If you are depressed, there is help. This is what helped me. I am 100% confident I would not be here today if I hadn’t felt the relief I did in my most desperate hour from Ketamine.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or any other emotional disorder and it feels like you are out of options and alone…you are not. KWC will help you and make sure you are comfortable while doing it. You also have heard all of the success stories out there. With KWC, you will get through it. You will continue on. You will live a meaningful life. I’m now able to move on like this was simply a phase in my life. I hope the best for you too.

If you are reading this, you probably need the help. Don’t let yourself suffer, there is no need. Get help. I did and now I can get back to being awesome. Thank you KWC! You saved my life.