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Denver/Littleton, CO Patient

I have struggled with MDD and PTSD for many years of my life. I’ve been to so many doctor’s appointments and have taken different forms of antidepressants. I have looked up holistic solutions, but nothing has really helped me. I am a healthcare professional who helps other people’s lives but did not know how to care for my life. Three years ago, I hit rock bottom and felt as though I did not want to exist anymore. I was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown and afterwards, I discovered scholarly research articles on how ketamine helps form new neuronal pathways in the brain where trauma has caused damage. I decided to give Ketamine Wellness Centers a chance after being screened by a physician and this treatment saved my life. I completed the recommended 6 infusions and I felt like a complete new person who was motivated, cheerful and excited about life.

I came back for a re-stabilization course of treatment after experiencing PTSD from what I have witnessed working in healthcare from 2020-2022. I could not get off of the couch and it was a struggle to put myself together in the morning. After the third treatment, I began making my bed in the morning, making plans with friends and being mindful of the present. I am beginning to make my health a priority. The staff at Ketamine Wellness Centers is accommodating, compassionate and understanding when it comes to mental health. A nurse stays in the room with you the entire session, watches your vitals and gives you support through therapeutic communication. You do not go through this experience alone from the moment you speak to the scheduler, the secretary, the nurses and after the treatment. The prescriber calls to check up on how you are doing the day after and makes recommendations. I am so grateful to have discovered this treatment and I am thankful for the support that the staff has given me.