Chicago, IL Patient

From the first phone call, I had to my last treatment session I experienced nothing but compassion, respect, and kindness. My life so far has changed drastically. The treatment for Chronic Pain has worked far better than I could have hoped for! I feel like a different person who has a brand new life. A bonus “side effect” has even been a huge decrease in my anxiety. I used to have to keep valium on my person for panic attacks at all times – no longer. I am anxious but not paralyzed anymore. KWC took care of me from the first phone call, walking me through everything. Managing my expectations, making me feel at all times like a human being with a real disease that they genuinely want to help me treat. As someone who has been through the medical system for far more years than I can remember, I’ve been through it all. To be cared for like I matter, to have them be a partner in my journey to wellness brought tears to my eyes in the beginning. KWC has changed my life in all ways. From the passion, they have to genuinely help people, to the treatment I received that has allowed me to be pain-free enough to actually join the world once again. I can once again do things with my family rather than watch from the sidelines. For the first time, I am able to play with my granddaughter for more than a few minutes without excruciating pain. They have given me my life back. Thank you KWC and Deanna especially for taking incredible care of me.