Chicago, IL Patient

Chera in the AZ office was amazing. She was easy to work with and got all my online paperwork together with the tests, plus the two online web video assessments with medical staff for the prior treatment authorization, all on the same day.

All the staff at Naperville KWC are great. They are very kind and professional. Would highly recommend this clinic.

My first appointment was pretty profound. Words cannot fully describe my experience of course. What I can say previously locked in chronic trauma was easily assessed, fear was deeply felt, processed, discharged and much insight gained. My mind and emotions are quieter now and I am not rehashing the past as much. A stronger sense of safety and a deeper connection to life that I can literally viscerally feel. I seem to have been updated to the present moment. Flight or fight stress response is being easily managed-a reduction in tracking the environment for threats. Real restful sleep is happening. More energy. My body is more flexible and relaxed. What a welcomed relief. My other treatments went deeper. The effects continue to unfold in a positive direction. Keeping an open mind for my future appointments.