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Albert P.

I am a non-descript old man that did a stint in the military and the EMS service. My quality of life deteriorated consistently from my service and I caused a lot of grief to my family and friends from my service related trauma for over 30 years. I drank and used drugs to run away from the pain. I never knew it caused more pain for the people I loved. My dear wife found out about Ketamine Wellness Center Tucson and encouraged me to go into treatment. I have been going for 4 months and I am amazed at the dramatic positive changes it has produced for me and my family.

It gave me the strength to quit drinking and become more active socially. I don’t have the dark thoughts, doubts and depression I was used to and lived with for so many years. It didn’t solve all my problems, but made the remaining ones so much less toxic. Now I can deal with what is left of my old bad self in small bits and pieces.

I now have a great hope I never had before. My family and I have a new peace now.

If you are worried about what it costs; what is the price of peace and freedom for your family and friends? What does it cost you to take psych drugs for 20 years and suffer from the side effects? You’re not the only one that suffers – your loved ones constantly live in your agony, too. Ketamine Treatment is SO cheap compared to living in a prison of the past.

Seek it out and don’t look back.