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Kristy Schutt, LCSW

Mindful Connections Therapy

Are you looking to process the experience of your Ketamine journey? I am trained in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and believe strongly in the power of the mind/body connection for deeper and sustainable healing. Together we will explore the blocks that get in the way of you feeling whole and the vision you want for your life. We will connect to the power of resiliency and use this as a guide in our work together. My approach is collaborative and will go at a pace that feels manageable to you. I have hope for everyone that they uncover the aliveness within.
In psychotherapy, we will explore the areas of life you are most concerned about, such as relationships, traumas, self-worth, anxiety, loss of self, depression. With a mind/body approach, you can begin to feel more connected to all parts of you and release the residue from traumatic stress. I will guide you to incorporate the new insights and changes you want to make in life through integration of your Ketamine experience.

I have worked in the mental health field for 27 years helping people to take back their life story and feel more empowered. My expertise is in somatic therapy and working with the impact of traumatic stress on the nervous system. Through a holistic approach, you can return to greater ease to meet the challenges of life.