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Kevin Franciotti Counseling

I have been working with adults and adolescents seeking support with navigating challenging experiences for over 15 years. If you are hurt by things that have occurred in your past, unsatisfied with your present circumstances, relationships, or behaviors, or the future seems out of reach, you will find in me a reliable and trusted professional with the skill and care to guide and shape the work you would like to do. I am trained in addiction, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and harm reduction. My goal is to provide client-centered care, that supports you in the direction that allows you to be the best version of yourself.

My goal is to cultivate a trusting partnership where you can achieve more than you hoped for and eventually no longer need therapy. To get there, I specialize in a holistic approach emphasizing your unique insight and abilities. Our work can focus on overcoming pain from past hardships, repairing strained social connections, or setting ambitious goals.

Our sessions together may be difficult at times, but you have already done the hard part in looking to reach out for help, and anything you may encounter will be met together. Whether we work in partnership or bring on additional support, I am invested in caring for you and your loved ones.